ODD Ball is a Bluetooth MIDI device and can communicate with any software that supports MIDI.

This creates infinite creative possibilities, it means you can use the device however you want, create your own Apps and experiences with it.

We have a special firmware for MIDI usage, get in touch with us if you want to try it out.

Check this API reference to see how gestures are sent via MIDI.

  • Notes

    Use tap, shake and twist to send note messages.

  • Control Change

    Use move, spin and air trow to send control change messages.

  • More Gestures

    Additional gestures are available in MIDI mode.

On Mac

Connecting the Ball as MIDI on Mac is very easy.

Open the Audio MIDI Setup app and from the Window tab menu select Show MIDI Studio. You can also open the MIDI Studio with Cmd + 2 shortcut.

Now click the Bluetooth icon at the top right of the MIDI Studio window.

The Bluetooth MIDI Window will open and you will be able to connect your device.

You can also download the Bluetooth MIDI Connect App, by our friends at Korg, that allows you to quickly access the Bluetooth MIDI Window.

If you have any questions or are having issue with the setup, contact us.

On Windows

On Windows the setup requires two free Apps: MIDIberry and loopMIDI.

First make sure to create a virtual MIDI port with loopMIDI, we will use it to route the Ball's MIDI signal.

Create a new one, give it an appropriate name (e.g. ODD Ball port).

Next, we need to connect to the device using MIDIberry. Once the ball is connected as an input, select the loopMIDI port you created as the output.

Now when you select the loopMIDI port as an input in any software, you will received MIDI message from ODD Ball.

If you have any questions or are having issue with the setup, contact us.