Bounce, Play and Learn

  • “Beyond simple, ODD Ball makes sound-making accessible to anyone”

  • “Inspiring the next generation of musicians.”

  • “ODD Ball changes the game completely.”

  • “Beyond simple, ODD Ball makes sound making accessible to anyone”

  • “For kids and adults, an amusing way to make music.”

Creative Development

Spark the musical genius within your child, while encouraging cognitive development.

As a creative activity, music is proven to improve cognitive functions, problem-solving skills and foster social connections.

Active Play Time

We merge music with physical activity to boost fine motor skills and coordination.

Reduce screen time and promote healthier behaviors with an interactive, multi-sensory experience.

Sound in Motion

Transform intuitive actions into multi-sensory explorations.

Improve coordination and fine motor skills.

  • Tap

    Bounce or Tap to play percussive sounds.

  • Move

    Move the ball in space to mix sounds in and out.

  • Shake

    Shake it to play sounds like a shaker.

  • Twist

    Spin and twist to play melodic lines and solos.

  • Air Throw

    Throw it in the air for sound effects.


Let your child simply toss, spin, shake and tap ODD Ball to play music like a DJ.

Perfect to improve hand-eye coordination in a super fun way.

  • Colorful and engaging graphics
    give a hint on how to play

  • Throw the ball in the air to exercise coordination and move to the next song

  • Play together and create unforgettable moments


Discover your child's hidden talent and exercise creative abilities.

No music skills required, super intuitive and easy to use.

  • Record multiple sounds together, create your own music, play with effects.

  • Hundreds of sounds included.

  • Record and play any sound
    around you.