ODD Ball is a bluetooth device and works as a wireless music controller and is sensitive to the intensity of the bounce. It connects to the ODD App where you can choose sounds from an expansive sounds library, play over tracks and make beats with your friends. Everytime you bounce, catch, spin or juggle the ball, the app will play a sound through the phone's internal speaker or any headphone or speaker connected to the phone

The App allows you to choose sounds for your ball from an expansive sound library of different styles (HipHop, Rock, Grime, Acoustic, Disco, Arcade and Effects), allows you to play over your tracks and your favourite artists, you can jam along any song you play through Spotify or Apple Music, you can record and create your own tracks, record your own sounds with the mic-in feature and share your creations on socials or with your friends, so you can collaborate and create tracks together. For more info, check out our Tutorial Page .

Surely you can connect and play with more than one ball, as many as your device allows (usually more than 6 at least). You can assign a different instrument to each one of them, you can record tracks, play over a song - everything you are already able to do with one ball, but now you can come up with moves and tricks to show off your skills.

ODD Ball is your instrument, the App your loud speaker. Every sound you play, record or stream is reproduced by the App and comes out of your phone or any speaker or headphones that are connected to it. This way you are able to connect the App to any sound system and make it very very loud.

The ball gets fully charged in about 1 hour. A full charge allows you to play for about 6 hours in a single full play session. But if your style is to play for many short sessions, a full charge can last up to 3 days.

Yes. We are constantly working to improve and add features to ODD Ball. Everytime a new feature is available, the App will automatically update your ball and you will be able to enjoy the new features for free.

You can use any type of speaker or headphones with app, but just be aware that bluetooth speakers or headphones are not specifically designed for live music playing, in fact they internally add a small delay on the sounds you play. But don't worry, to avoid this is issue you can simply use a phone to speaker cable to directly connect your phone to your speaker and get rid of the delay.

The App allows you to share your tracks as simple audio, so that you can share it on your social channels or ltr people listen to it, or as a project, so that you can send it to other ODD users to create and compose tracks together.

Yes. ODD Ball is a MIDI bluetooth device and is compatible with any DAW software. Just simply connect to the ball via MIDI and you will be able to use it for professional music production.

ODD Ball is made for bouncing. We have been through a long journey to test and optimize the reliability of the ball and have set a benchmark of 100.000 hard bounces. Although, we do not encourage throwing the ball off a building, jump full weight on it, run a car over it ot slam it with a baseball bat, the ball is resilient to bounce.

ODD Ball is also splash resistant, that means that it can withstand water splashes, but cannot be submerged into water.

We offer a 14 day return policy and a 12 months warranty, provided that the product is looked after and not pushed beyond its impact resistant capabilities.


To turn off the ball, simply disconnect it from the app. You will see the LED blinking and automatically turning off after 30 seconds. When the LED is off, your ball is in sleep mode, consuming very little battery and waiting to be used again.

If by any chance the LED doesn't start blinking once the ball is disconnected from the App, try to close the App directly and the LED should start blinking and the ball will go to sleep.

If you are still having issues get in touch .

If you are unable to see your ball in the Connection Menu, make sure to allow Location Permission on Android and Bluetooth Permission for iOS.

If you can see your ball in the Connection menu but cannot connect to it, try to restart the App.

If you are still having issues get in touch .

When you connect to your ball, the App will load all the sounds added to the Sound Tray from your previous session. If you had a lot of sounds loaded the process will take a couple of seconds, before you can start playing with ODD.

If after a resonable wait the ball is still not responding, try to disconnect and reconnect the ball or try to restart the app.

If you are still having issues get in touch .

When you load many sounds on your Sounds Tray the App might start to slow down and crash, because of the space every sound takes from the phone's memory.

Usually you won't see this issue until you add more than 20 sounds, but it depends on the phone you are using. If you experience this issue, try to delete sounds that you are not using and you will see the App perfoming much better.

If you are still having issues get in touch .

Usually your phone will automatically recognize a project and open it directly in the ODD App. If that doesn't happen try to use the 'Open With' or 'Copy to' option, to manually open the project in the App.

If you are still having issues get in touch .

When you use the Mic-In feature you will need to tap the mic button to start and stop your recording. Although you might not notice it, the microphone in your phone might be able to pick the sound of your tap or of the phone moving on a surface while you tap. Therefore just tap gently when you stop your recording and you will get rid of any unwanted noises.

If you are still having issues get in touch .