Making music should be f*#king fun, that's why it's called playing! At ODD we want you to make music with no limits, wherever you are and like you have never done before. So we created ODD Ball. Think of it as a drum set, a keyboard a synth or a bass crammed in a bouncy ball. Built to make beats, irrevent, fun, ODD is the most intuitive way to Play With Music.

Play with Music
The ODD App
The ODD App The ODD App
ODD Colors
ODD Colors ODD Colors

Your sound library is the heart and soul of ODD, this is where you can choose what sound your ODD Ball plays. You have an extensive library to choose from.

With ever expanding sounds the library satisfies every taste from Rock, Disco, Hiphop, Grime, Arcade and ODD sounds. You'll find what suit your style.

Look out for future updates. We will be bringing out more sounds with every update of the ODD app, so you can keep exploring.

ODD Sound Library
ODD Sound Library ODD Sound Library

ODD is a MIDI device, which means it can plug directly into your favorite DAW such as Ableton, Logic, FL studio, Pro Tools etc.


The ODD packaging is not like your average tech packaging. At ODD we don't subscribe to the neat and tidy portfolio, ubiquitous with tech products.

Designed to be something that you want to keep, the ODD box is tough, long lasting and made out of Tin. Perfect to carry your ODD Ball everywhere you go.

Our packaging just has a whole load of attitude. With four different designs we send out at random. Wait to see which one will turn up.

ODD Packaging
ODD Packaging
ODD LED Full Stop
ODD LED Full Stop ODD LED Full Stop
What you get
What you get What you get