Sound in Motion

ODD Ball is like a magic wand of music. Use all the intuitive actions you would use with a ball and play any sound you can think of.

  • Tap

    Bounce or Tap to play rhythmical sounds and tracks.

  • Move

    Move the ball in space at different speeds to mix sounds in and out.

  • Shake

    Shake it to play percussive, rhythmical sounds.

  • Twist

    Spin and twist to play quick melodic lines and solos.

  • Air Throw

    Throw it in the air for special effects and transitions.

From Dreamer to Player

Music has never been this fun! ODD Ball, together with the App, is all you need to unlock your musical imagination.

Super intuitive, no technical skills required, just plug and play.

Whether you are playing solo or with your friends, fun is guaranteed.

  • “One of the coolest gadgets I’ve checked out in a long while”

  • “Beyond simple, ODD Ball makes sound-making accessible to anyone”

  • “Inspiring the next generation of musicians.”

  • “ODD Ball changes the game completely.”

  • “Breaking down the learning barriers for music lovers who are trying to learn music”

  • “Beyond simple, ODD Ball makes sound making accessible to anyone”

  • “For the super skilled beat maker to the musically challenged bedroom DJ”

  • “This is one of the coolest musical gadget of the year.”

  • “For kids and adults, an amusing way to make music.”

  • “Introduces intriguing technology into beat making.”


Dance with your ball and feel like a DJ. Follow your imagination and just use the ball's gestures to mix in and out multiples sounds simultaneously.

  • Tap to play the drums, Move your ball in space to fade in the melodic line, Twist to play a solo.

  • Throw the ball in the air to transition to the next song.

  • Create your own playlist, with hundreds of sounds available.


When creativity strikes, just hit record and create a beat from scratch, whenever you are.

  • Record multiple sounds together, create your own tracks, add effects and share.

  • Hundreds of sounds included.

  • Sample and play any sounds you can think of.

Show off

Record your performance, directly from the App and share it on your channels.

Multiply the fun

Plug in multiple balls to play with your friends or become a ball master.