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  • Comes with a Free App for iOS and Android
  • 100s of pro sounds included
  • Compatible with Apple Music, Spotify
  • 5 hours battery life, USB rechargeable
  • Much more...
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"Beyond simple, ODD Ball makes sound-making accessible to anyone"
"Inspiring the next generation of musicians"
"ODD Ball changes the game completely"
"For the super skilled beat maker to the musically challenged bedroom DJ"
"A really innovative way of getting involved with music"
"This is one of the coolest musical gadget of the year"
"For kids and adults, an unconventional and amusing way to make music"
"The circus will never be the same again"
"This is the kind of technology that could inspire your next musical endeavour"
“Introduces intriguing technology into beat making”
"A unique drum machine to make music on the go"
Make Music In Seconds
Choose from 100s of sounds in the ODD App
The ODD Ball app includes sounds from all genres: Disco, HipHop, Rock, Grime, Arcade and there is also a special ODD sound library.
Jam with your favourite artists
The App is compatible with all your music streaming apps such as Spotify and Apple music, so you can play over your favourite music.
Create banging pro sounding tunes
Simply hit the rec button, and start creating your own tunes in seconds. Lay down a rhythm, change sound and repeat, until you have created your masterpiece.
Multiple Options
One Ball | $129
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2 Ball Pack | $219 $258
Color:Turquoise and Punch
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3 Ball Pack | $282 $386
Color:Turquoise Punch Black
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Why ODD Ball
Bounce it, tap it, smash it
Be expressive
Multiple Balls
Record Sounds
Bounce it, Tap it, Smash it
With a silicone outer and a super strong protective core ODD Ball is the most durable instrument in the world, so you can let loose bouncing beats.
Use bounce intensity
to be expressive
ODD Ball can measure the intensity of the bounce, to give you more control. The harder you bounce it, the higher the note or louder the sound.
Multiply the fun with
multiple balls
The ODD App allows you to use multiple balls. Choose a different sound for each, learn tricks and supercharge your creative.
Turn any sound into an
ODD Ball instrument
Record and sample any sound you can think of and create completely unique tracks. Perfect to record your voice.
Create and share it