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To connect the ball on Android Phones make sure that the app has permissions to access bluetooth, that bluetooth is on and that the location service is active globally on the phone. To make sure the ball does not turn off during connection, you can plug it in to charge, just to be sure.

If it still fails, try to close all Apps, clear bluetooth cache and restart your phone.

If the issue persists, please get in touch.

To connect the ball on iOS devices make sure that the app has permissions to access bluetooth and that bluetooth is on.

If the device still fails to connect, try to close and restart the ODD App.

If the issue persists, please get in touch.

When you connect to your ball, the App will load all the sounds added to the Sound Tray from your previous session. If you had a lot of sounds loaded the process will take a couple of seconds, before you can start playing with ODD.

If after a resonable wait the ball is still not responding, try to disconnect and reconnect the ball or try to restart the app.

If you are still having issues get in touch.

When you load many sounds on your Sounds Tray the App might start to slow down and crash, because of the space every sound takes from the phone's memory.

Usually you won't see this issue until you add more than 20 sounds, but it depends on the phone you are using. If you experience this issue, try to delete sounds that you are not using and you will see the App performing much better.

If you are still having issues get in touch.

The Ball itself has a very low latency (about 10ms), there are other elements that might introduce sound latency.

If you are using a bluetooth speaker or headphone, these will definitively introduce a little bit of latency, purely because they are wireless devices and sound will travel with a delay. Try to plug them in with a cable.

If you are just using your phone's internal speaker, iOS devices do not have a delay (get in touch if this is the case), however, some Android devices, might have a little bit of a latency. Get in touch to troubleshoot further with our support team.

To turn off the ball, simply disconnect it from the App. To do that on Android, press the ball icon at the top and press "Disconnect" once the tab menu appears - on iOS, press the "+" sign at the top to access the connection menu and disconnect the ball.

You will see the LED blinking and automatically turning off after 30 seconds. When the LED is off, your ball is in sleep mode, consuming very little battery and waiting to be used again.

If by any chance the LED doesn't start blinking once the ball is disconnected from the App, try to fully close the App, the LED should start blinking and the ball will go to sleep.

If you are still having issues get in touch .