Make your own music like a pro. Select the sounds you love, press record and create tracks.

You can layer multiple sounds together, record your own sounds with the phone's microphone, add effects and share you compositions!

1. Add Sounds

Learn how to add sounds to your Ball and explore all the different types of sound you can play with ODD.

2. Make a Beat

Create tracks and loops. Lay down a basic rhythm, change sounds and build complex tracks easily and intuitively.

You will a be making beats before you know it.

3. Play Over

Learn how to play over Back Tracks preloaded on the ODD Ball App, or jam over your favorite artists on Spotify and Apple Music with a simple swipe.

4. Shuffle

Shuffle sounds on your ODD Ball, so you can spend more time creating and playing with music.

Make random beats, that you would have never thought of, come up with crazy cool tricks!

5. Mic In

Use the internal microphone of your phone to record any sound you can think of and turn it into an ODD Ball sound in your Sound Library.

Try sampling musical instruments, your voice, the radio, or any random sound you think would make a good ODD Ball instrument!

6. Effects

Add color to your tracks by adding cool effects. Whether you want to add more Space to your ODD track, make it feel a bit Freaky, give it a Glitchy vibe, a sense of Gravity or Warp the flow of it, there will be an ODD effect to suit your track.

6. Share

Share and Save your tracks. Export your favorite beats and sounds and easily share them with your friends so you can create tracks together.